Children from a community supported by QEP Resources, a oil producer and natural gas producer.

Making A Difference

QEP’s commitment to our communities goes beyond being a good neighbor. We work with our stakeholders to create partnerships that have a positive and meaningful impact – making our communities a better place in which to live and work.

QEP believes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is vital to our business and to our country’s ability to compete in the global economy. Since 2014, we have invested $3.76 million in STEM partnerships with school districts across our areas of operation. In North Dakota, we currently partner with the McKenzie County School District to implement Project Lead The Way programs, which empower K-12 students to engage in career exploration and to acquire not only technical STEM knowledge, but also transportable skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration. To date, we have invested $319,450 in North Dakota STEM efforts.

We are also committed to improving the health and safety of our local communities. Our partnerships with the Dakotas chapter of the American Red Cross and the New Town Ambulance Service provide disaster relief / emergency preparedness and response services.

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An Exceptional Neighbor in North Dakota

Map of North Dakota, where QEP Resources has oil assets and natural gas assets.

In 2019, QEP contributed a $15,000 matching gift to assist the New Town Ambulance Service in purchasing a new ambulance. The matching gift helped the service raise a total of $70,000 in private donations for the ambulance.

QEP employees participate in community projects.
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