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Q3 2020 Production

4,376.2 Mboe

YE 2019 Proved Reserves

266.3 MMboe
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With a long history of crude oil and natural gas exploration and development beginning with an oil discovery in 1923, the Permian Basin experienced a prolonged decline in industry activity and production, lasting into the early 2000s. However, the combination of horizontal drilling techniques and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing has led to a resurgence of industry activity. These advances in technology have transformed the Permian Basin into one of the most prolific oil provinces in North America.

The Midland and Delaware basins are also geologically unique — containing thousands of feet of crude oil and natural gas charged intervals with multiple, stacked unconventional horizontal target zones. This distinctive geology, combined with state of the art drilling and completion practices, is unlocking massive new quantities of crude oil and natural gas for commercial development.

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